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The digital office for performing artists

Every business has an office in any form where it’s administration is done.For artists, it’s very likely that this office lies neglected somewhere between guitar tabs, notes, travel documents, ashtrays, empty cans, new and old guitar strings (hey, I found my pic!) and is usually as up-to-date as the magazines...

Gabriel Friedli

Our Top 7 Music Conferences for Touring Artists

Attending a reputable music conference can be a game-changer. Our Top 7 Music Conferences for Touring Artists.

Tobias Horka

Marketing standards for performing artists: Are you ready to rock?

You’ve been working hard at making your music, and now you’re ready to perform in front of an audience...

Gabriel Friedli

The effort, that pays out for artists

Want to make a living from your music? Focus on getting booked.

Gabriel Friedli

Optune, the collaborative solution for Agencies and Managers

Having been involved in the bookings business, I know how much paperwork is involved with every artist, and how tiring it can be.

Tobias Horka

Explaining confusing dance music genres

The vast number of genres within dance music can be confusing for both DJs and audiences alike. One look at the ‘genres’ page of Beatport...

Tobias Horka

How booking agents can help underground DJs

And how to find a booking agent for your sound.

Tobias Horka

Optune, the intelligent tool for touring DJs in 5 Steps

OpTune, our state-of-the-art booking platform, is an allround tool that helps you to manage and advertise your gigs. Whether it's...

Tobias Horka

Meals and Music — DJ lunch with Lady Mata Hari from Glitzerhaus

One of our first invites to test the new Optune platform was the gorgeous, unicorn-loving and talented Lady Mata Hari. I was told she has the absolute pitch. Not unusual if you come from a family with an artistic background...

Nadia Naas

Meals and Music

Lunch talks with OpTune and Onescreener...

Nadia Naas

Starting Out: How to get noticed by promoters as an artist

Back when I ran a successful row of club nights in Zurich called Nasty Trash, I used to get new artists knocking on my door, trying to get a gig...

Tobias Horka

Industry Standards: How artist bookings should be handled in an ideal world

Does everything really need to be this complicated? I think that there are several simple things we could do to make the industry easier, generating faster work and more income for everyone involved. In what follows, I will suggest a standard-practice solution to each of the issues identified in my last article...

Tobias Horka