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Using Onescreener as a link-in-bio on Twitter, TikTok and Instagram

Camila Yael Santos
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There are many reasons why we have social media accounts. Each platform gives us a personal experience: on Instagram we can mostly observe and appreciate; with blogs we can read and learn; we can listen to podcasts and question ourselves; on Facebook we can see what’s happening with our family and friends (yup!). And we could keep on mentioning more examples. 

The thing is, we search constantly to be stimulated by our different senses and to connect with people. Some of us may also want to share our lives as content.

If you’re one of those, you know that if you don’t have a web page, it’s hard to share all your accounts and content easily. Wouldn’t it be awesome if Instagram let you add lots of links to your bio so you could share everything you wanted? Unfortunately, that’s not yet a thing.

We’ve thought about that at Onescreener, and that’s why we’ve created a “Little Website Maker” for you: Make your personalized page in minutes without a designer, and share all of your links and content from ONE main link!

Why are we your best link-in-bio?

It’s simple.

There are several options out there for you to choose from, but are they personalized with a background and your logo? Can you have Shop links to directly sell all of your products and services? Do they provide the same customer care as we do for our users? Do they feature your content on their social media to support you?

Once you make your Onescreener page, you can use it as your link-in-bio. Then, everyone will have easy access to everything you do in one single click! Make it easier for your audience to reach you and your content, and grow your business or following as a result of it.

How to add your Onescreener page as your link-in-bio on Instagram

Now that you know why, we’re going to show you how!

First, you’ll need to create your Onescreener page and personalize it. Learn how by watching this video.

Secondly, you’ll need to include the links, background, logo, icons, colors and content that best represent you or your brand. Learn how by watching this other video.

Finally, all you have to do is use your Onescreener domain as your Insta link-in-bio so everyone can access your content.

Follow these steps: Go to Edit Profile / Website and paste your link. Then, click on Done. It’s on!

How to add your Onescreener page as your link-in-bio on Twitter

Go to EDIT PROFILE and where it says WEBSITE, paste your link. That’s it!

How to add your Onescreener page as your link-in-bio on TikTok

For Tik Tok you need to follow this steps: go to EDIT PROFILE / MANAGE ACCOUNT / SWITCH TO BUSINESS ACOUNT / NEXT / Choose your category / NEXT / EDIT PROFILE (again) / and paste your Onescreener link next to WEBSITE. Done!

Ready to rock!

If you understand why, and you’ve learned how, then this is the final question we have for you: why not?

Click on the following image to Sign up.

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