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3 Predictions for the Content Creators in 2022

Camila Yael Santos
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At the Onescreener offices, we’ve been consulting our crystal ball, and we have some predictions for Content Creators in 2022.

Did you know that there are almost 530 million Content Creators on social media with more than 1k followers? If you’re also a Content Creator, this post is for you! 

#ContentCreators, let's get on with the predictions:

1) Social Commerce will continue to boom in 2022: 

Before the pandemic, this form of purchasing was only for the daring, and most buyers still chose face-to-face sales. Amid the COVID-19 crisis in 2020, the global market for Social Commerce was estimated at US$559.7 Billion, but is now projected to reach a revised size of US$2.9 Trillion by 2026. (

So, we could say that the vast majority of people have experienced at least one online purchase, and it has certainly been satisfactory. Companies have optimized their online sales and they have done it well.

Our advice: keep going down that road! You can use our E-commerce Feature to sell products and services to your followers easily. 

2) REALITY TV SHOWS about influencers will be a hit!

Do you know the movie The Truman Show? Have you seen the reality show Big Brother?

This type of content has mutated lately into showing the lives of influencers, and is being broadcasted solely through their social networks. Experiences in homes inhabited by content creators is a boom that has started and we don't think it will stop. Netflix recently announced, almost back-to-back, two new reality series: The Hype House and Byron Baes.

Sure, it's for a very special kind of audience, but almost everyone loves to know about the private lives of others. The business reason? Sponsors whose products appear in the everyday lives of these influencers are making a lot of money. What about you? Would you join or watch an experience like this? 

3) The undefeated king: The video format will reign true

Cisco recently stated that by 2022 video content will dominate all online content by 82% (, and we believe them. 86% of consumers have reported that they have been persuaded to buy products after having watched videos of them. Nuts!

The crazy growth that TikTok is experiencing proves that it's spontaneous video content is here to stay. And while Instagram's curated perfection wasn’t so fun anymore, they decided to step it up and created Reels, a tool that we believe will continue to boom just like TikTok.

The audience prefers to experience content in video format, and that’s clear.

Don't get left behind, and remember our advice: TikTok content can be more spontaneous, Reels should look good, and YouTube videos should be more in depth and enjoyed over coffee. Do you agree?

Onescreener is a platform that is created for and by artists and content creators. We constantly receive suggestions that we work on, and think of ideas hand-in-hand with our users. That's where the future lies. 

What predictions do you have for 2022? 

Do you think you can implement any of these ideas to ensure a successful year?

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