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Onescreener Updates for December 2021

Ryan MacGrath
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So much has been happening! 

We thought you would want to know what's been cooking here at Onescreener during the last little while, so here it goes:

  1. Better onboarding process for new sign-ups
  2. Style updates to icons and page design
  3. E-commerce updates that help you earn more

New Onboarding Process

The onboarding process for new sign-ups is now much better! A cleaner design and friendlier functions make it even easier to create a Onescreener page.

Style Updates

The icons in Onescreener's icon library have been updated with a fresh, new look to make your pages stand out.

An arrow button now appears on all pages when multiple Teaser Links are added. Just click the forward arrow button to access further links, and the backward arrow to see the previous ones.

The number of Teaser Links that is displayed on a page at one time now depends on the size of the screen. Dynamic display Teaser Links means that less links are immediately visible on smaller screens (e.g. mobile) and more on larger ones (e.g. PC).

E-commerce Updates

When selling products or services from your page, you can add a Product Description. The text for these descriptions can now be formatted using headings, emojis and other variations to make it more dynamic and eye-catching.

Sell exclusive digital content directly from your page in the form of downloads or secret links. There's now a specific option to add a digital content link within the Teaser Links menu.

Your customers can now purchase products from you using Google Pay or a credit card.

From everyone here at Onescreener, we wish you Happy Holidays and a wonderful start into 2022!

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