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How to add Teaser Links from your Mobile

July 23, 2021
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The Teaser Links feature allows you to add an unlimited number of links to your Onescreener page.

There are two types of links:

  • Teaser Link
  • Shop Link

Teaser Link

They appear in list form as your main content item, can be titled and stylized, and direct your followers to your most current and important content, activities and news. Implementing this feature optimizes your Onescreener for use as your link-in-bio on Instagram.

Shop Link

It's an E-commerce feature that enables you to sell products/services via your Onescreener.

How to add Teaser Links

In your editor, click on Content and on Content again.

Then choose Teaser Links and click the Add Link button.

Type in a title for the link and paste the URL. Click Save.

You can add an unlimited number of links, but make sure that the most important ones appear in the primary list.

To change how the links look, go to Design tab

Click on Customize and click on Style

Click on Text to change the colour of the text and link frame. Click on Background to change the colour of the inside of the link frame. You can also adjust the transparency of the colour by sliding the bar located just under the colour bar.

Click on Transparent to make the link background clear so that your background image shows through. Hit Apply changes at the bottom to save your adjustments

View actual site to see the full view of your page.

How to add Shop Link