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“It’s the only link I keep in my Instagram bio!"

Trodot | DJ and Influencer | Barcelona, Spain

“Most of the time, keeping things simple is the best solution. That’s what they’re doing with Onescreener. A tidy, sexy place to put all your highest quality content.”

AMXXR | Influencer, entrepreneur and artist | New York, USA

"You can feel immediately that Onescreener was made by people with experience and a flair for the entertainment industry."

Ray Douglas | Open Format DJ | Zurich, Switzerland

“I have no doubt that Onescreener is going to blow up. I don’t think I’ve come across another content hub that offers so much for so little.”

Trakcixs | Breakout hip hop artist | Los Angeles, USA

“Have YOU ever tried to connect a domain name to your new site? It’s super annoying (when you’re not a techie). I opted for Onescreener’s premium plan and all that stuff was taken care of for me.”

Ryan MacGrath | Recording artist | Halifax, Canada

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