Onescreener FAQ

How to use the Teaser Image (aka, Clickable Image) feature as your Main Content

March 4, 2021
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Sign into the Edit page in your Onescreener account and select the CONTENT section.

Select Teaser Image from the list of content items, and click on the edit button to the right. Then, upload the image for your link.

Next, add the URL to which you want the image to link by copying/pasting it from your site's browser into the URL field.

Decide if you want the Image position to be Cropped view (this image will be cropped as you adjust the placement of it on your Onescreener) or Whole view (this option maintains your entire image when adjusting the placement).

Preview your Onescreener to make sure that you've made the right image choices, and when you're satisfied, hit Save at the bottom of the page.

If you wish to adjust the placement and size of your image after saving, click on Continue and make the adjustments for the Desktop and Mobile screens. Preview each change to make sure it's right for you.