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5 Easy Steps To Your Onescreener Promo Page

March 18, 2021
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Your Onescreener Personal Promo Page is your digital business card or your ideal link-in-bio for Instagram; it's the ultimate HUB for your valuable content. Customize it with your logo, cool fonts, fresh colours, favourite icons and features like Teaser Links that lead your audience to all of your digital assets. And you can make it in minutes on your desktop or YOUR PHONE! Sweet, yeah? Let's get started.

Step 1. Sign up

Go to the Get Started or Sign Up page and enter your email address and a password for your Onescreener account. Then you're prompted to enter your Profile name and your page's URL ( Next, from the list provided, choose which categories best suit you or your company's brand, and add some keywords about your page's content that will help it get found by search engines like Google.

After you've entered your details, pick which plan you'd like: Free, Pro or Premium. For the sake of this tutorial, we'll use Pro to show you more design options. When you've decided (you can always change your plan later), then you're ready to create!

Step 2. Design your page

Hit the Design button at the very bottom of your editor. Choose if you'd like to upload your own image to use as a background, or if you'd like to pick one of the several provided. Just swipe back and forth to see the selection!

You can also choose your theme here, which will be Light (to go on darker backgrounds), Dark (for lighter backgrounds), or the one that is automatically saved for you when you begin customizing your name/logo, icons and content.

Step 3. Add your content

After you've chosen your background and theme, it's time to hit the Content button! Here you can add your social media and other ICONS, your main CONTENT item like Teaser Links (as shown in this example), media players or text, among other things. Then put on your NAME (choose from lots of cool fonts) or upload your own LOGO.

When you want to change the colours, position or look of your content elements, just hit the CUSTOMIZE button in the Design menu. There's no limit to how you can change everything to suit your personal style or brand!

Step 4. Choose your domain

When you're happy with your design and content, you can then get your own domain for your page! Just click on the Get your Domain tab on the right, and you'll be instructed to enter your information. You can choose your own domain name via Onescreener's hosting, or connect a domain that you already own. Both of these options come with the Premium plan.

Step 5. Show it off

You now have a really cool promo page that you should share with the world! Click on the Share button at the top of your editor and choose where you'd you like it to go and who you want to see it. We recommend to EVERYONE EVERYWHERE :) It's handy to use your Onescreener URL as your link-in-bio on Instagram, especially when you've got your own domain name and you've put Teaser Links on your page.

Have fun! And remember that you can change anything on your page in a matter of minutes.