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Why Onescreener?

Ryan MacGrath
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A Onescreener can be called by several different names, like a Personal Promo Page, a Link Hub, a Digital Business Card or an Easy-to-Build Website. We prefer the first one as it is our mission to give content creators a platform to help promote their personal brands. 

For the sake of keeping this simple, I’ll break down the elements of Onescreener by answering five questions: Who, What, When, Where and Why!? This should give you a clear idea of what Onescreener is and how it can work for you. 


Onescreener is designed for anyone who is creating content that they wish to share with their online audience, and which they plan to use to gain new followers and potentially generate income. Musicians, models, visual artists, influencers, photographers and producers are among those users who find Onescreener beneficial when it comes to getting their services and content recognized. 

It’s also for your followers who can easily access all of your most important content on one, simple screen. 


As I mentioned in the introduction, a Onescreener is a Personal Promo Page (PPP). It’s a home for your most important, up-to-date content including links, media and contact information. We have designed it so that it can be built and published within 10 minutes, and it’s completely customizable. 

Because your Onescreener is so easy to update, it also makes the perfect link-in-bio for Instagram. That’s the one link that Instagram allows you to place in your profile so that you can direct your followers to other sites. Your Onescreener, when equipped with the Teaser Links feature, lets you add an unlimited list of links where you can promote anything. 


If you’re releasing new content, sharing links, giving away promo codes, releasing new music, showcasing your photos and images, or trying to spread the word about a cause that means something to you, then you can be using Onescreener. Creators who have material that they wish to share with their audiences at any time can be making their PPP work for them. 

If you’re particularly active on Instagram, then it can be set as your link-in-bio ALL THE TIME. Just keep your page updated and direct your followers to where you want them to be. 



Your Onescreener can be built and maintained on both your desktop and mobile devices. And the link for it can be shared virtually anywhere online. 


  • It’s ideal for self-marketing.
  • Sign up, build it and promote it within minutes.
  • Create one for FREE.
  • It’s customizable by uploading your background image, adding your links, choosing a font and changing the colours, among other things.
  • For the price of a nice coffee per month, you can opt for the Pro and Premium plans which unlock key features. 
  • Make it your Instagram link-in-bio and take advantage of adding unlimited links.
  • Get your own domain for your page! (
  • It’s SEO ready which means that you’ll get found better on Google. 
  • Because you want a page that’s easy-to-use, offers tons of features and which is very affordable so that you can generate new followers and more jobs!

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