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Start a TikTok account NOW to boost your creativity

Camila Yael Santos
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If you're reading this post, you probably live on planet Earth and have heard of TikTok.

If you haven't yet, this is your lucky day! Discover this social network that is taking the world by storm, and get excited to be part of it, either as a content creator or just an observer.

Unlike Instagram, to view video content (like Stories) on TikTok you need to swipe up or down and not sideways. Basically, it is a collaborative application for videos, short or long, with sound or music.

But what does this platform offer us? Well, that depends on the content you like the most.

In the search engine, you can search for keywords and thus find users you already know or hashtags that interest you.

Choose your fav filter!

Find users, sounds/music or trends using the search engine!

Some TikTokers share funny videos, performances, dubbing, vlogs of their daily life, DIY, parts of Youtube videos, challenges, dances and more.

After viewing a video, you can interact with this user by liking, following, commenting or sharing their clip.

If you want to create content and share it, you can use its tool to record and edit video selfies. Choose the filter you want before recording, and don't forget to edit your video afterwards by adding background music, viral audio, effects or editing the shots as you prefer. You can also create videos using a series of images.

Here you can find all the sounds that you can use!

What is the main goal of TikTok? To offer brands and users engaging content that goes viral.

What makes TikTok so awesome? Its algorithm. As soon as you start using it you should experience that feeling of a first date: you need time to get to know each other, but within seconds you can tell if there is chemistry or not.

As users and fans of this social network, we recommend that you take the time to really explore it. You'll enjoy accessing content that you are attracted to as well as discovering new types of content that you didn't even know you would love. 

Why is TikTok on top? Because it's not perfect. We got tired of seeing perfect lives on Instagram and this app came to change everything: the most viewed content on this social network is the spontaneous, casual and "real" stuff. And despite being called a social network, it is more about achieving maximum visibility in videos rather than generating a conversation like on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook.

At Onescreener, we're constantly learning about and from TikTok, (follow us there by clicking HERE or searching for @onescreener !) and we believe it's an ideal app for boosting creativity for your content.

What about you, are you already a TikToker, or are you going to run and create an account after reading this article? Well, that's how it's done!

Don't forget to Sign up for free to Onescreener.

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