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Let's Go Loud and PROud!

Ryan MacGrath
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June is PRIDE month in many places around the world, and we can’t wait to join in the celebration! For the next four weeks, we’re going to feature content about and interviews with people from the international LGBTQ+ community, and learn how they’re showing their true colours. You’ll also learn how we’re showing ours!

For the entire Pride Month of June use the Pro Plan for free with the code LOUD&PROUD. 30 days to enjoy all the features of the Pro Plan without charge.

What going Pro unlocks:

- Upload a background image

- Customize your site

- Use Donate Button

- Remove colored Onescreener logo

- Add a personal logo

- Receive basic support

To show your support to the LGBTQ community use our cool rainbow wallpaper as background image of your site.

Much like last year, this year will see the community and their allies safely celebrating at home or in smaller venues than they have in the past (remember those glorious days of colourful parades on bustling streets? Soon again, we hope). But that doesn’t mean the party stops! 

Like every other part of our lives during the pandemic, how we express our PRIDE has also changed, and we’ve adapted. Whether it’s through creating or sharing supportive content, coming up with fun and informative livestream events, or simply adding rainbow frames to our profile pics, there are countless ways to stay connected. After all, connection, support and community are the backbone of PRIDE, and it’s with that spirit that we keep fighting, from home or in the streets. 

As a small token of our love, we’d like to invite everyone to try out Onescreener’s PRO Plan for free for the next 30 days. Sign up, explore lots of cool features, and use your “little website maker” to create a page that bursts with colour and pride. Share it with your friends, followers and fellow community members without any commitment after the 30 days. Also, download this fun wallpaper to use as your background image!

As the Onescreener community grows, it includes a beautifully diverse group of creators, and we’re grateful for that. No matter where you are or how you identify, we hope that you’re able to celebrate this year in your very own way. 

Happy PRIDE 2021 from all of us at Onescreener!

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