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Optune, the collaborative solution for Agencies and Managers

Tobias Horka
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More than a year ago, we launched the solution for touring DJs, catering to their agents needs including smart calendars, social media promotion tools and much more.

While DJs & Bands now have all the cloud based organizational tools needed to get out on the road, we also wanted to create a collaborative booking planning solution that serves the brains behind the gigs: management and agencies.

Having been involved in the bookings business, I know how much paperwork is involved with every artist, and how tiring it can be to stay organized with all the tiny details that come up your way every day. With our platform, we provide a way to help you get sorted easily, making sure you can spend more time focusing on the things that count. Here are just some of the ways that Optune can make your life as a manager or agent easier:

Manage all your artists in one simple space

Using Optune, you can set up your agency online and manage the profiles of your artists, from which it will be possible to control anything from gig dates to flight schedules. Your artists can receive a notification for any changes you make on their mobile app, meaning that all parties stay equally up to date using one slick and simple service. It is also possible for multiple managers or agents to edit the itinerary of one artist. This also means that each agent/manager has one calendar where all their artists’ dates will be visible. So no more switching confusingly between separate calendars until you’ve forgotten which artist was supposed to travel where and when! We still keep all your personal and your artists data completely confidential!

Detailed information for each booking

Any information an artist requires in order to travel without a hiccup can be entered into Optune. Event details, travel itinerary, gig fees, a promoter’s contact details, driver’s number, artist care, even links and artwork for sharing: all logistics information is automatically updated whenever you update information in the system so everyone involved can be sure the gig is a success in the most relaxed way possible.

Itinerary and booking planning at a glance

Trace availability

Artists can also choose to ‘set blocked‘ dates or ‘on request’ dates in the case that they have made plans, meaning that agents can see their artists’ availability in real time during the booking process.

Financial Management

We’ve also developed a fee management system. Since every party involved in a gig — from agent to manager to artist — is part of the network, all can be certain of their earnings. At the end of every month, you also have a detailed overview of your personal and your artist’s earnings.

Deal management

Additionally it is possible to easily send or print invoices through Optune. All the necessary information that is already in the deal will be filled into the invoice automatically. Just some clicks and it is done.


Optune has a great ToDo system in place, meaning that you’ll never forget to complete anything from signing contracts, receiving itineraries or payments.

All these fantastic features are free to test for 14 days. Check it out here.

We are quite sure that Optune will become the go-to place for DJs & bands, managers and agents. Completing all their transactions and communications securely in one spot, will make the job easier for everyone involved.

And we’re not stopping there — Optune is about to get even better! Our development team is already working on the final piece of the clubbing puzzle: promoters, bookers and club managers.

Collaboration between Agent, Manager, DJ, Band, Promoter, and Booker

Booking requests will be made through the platform and completed end-to-end. Stay tuned for more news shortly, Optune really is about to become your hub for everything you ever needed as an artist manager or agent.

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