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Financial Support for Creators in the era of COVID-19

Ryan MacGrath
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Hi there creators, your Onescreener Promo Page keeps on getting better and better! With our new Feature release, you can now raise funds for artistic or charitable causes with the Donate Button. Set it up and let your fans help you, you deserve it! 

If you are a musician, an artist of any kind, an influencer or an organization, you can now raise awareness and funds for artistic or charitable causes via your Onescreener Promo Page and Onescreener will not take a commission on the donations.

Pandemic’s impact on the creative industry: Interesting figures 

The pandemic has had a particularly negative financial impact on the creative sector because many involved rely on live performances for the bulk of their income. And as we know, most activities were, and are still, restricted by quarantine and protocols. People in the music industry, for example, lost upwards of 80% of their income due to cancelled or postponed concerts and live engagements. 

Despite these numbers, many of them have continued to create music and content for their followers from the goodness of their hearts and their drive as makers. Now, there’s a chance for fans to show their appreciation and give back to the creators who have continued to provide quality entertainment (not to mention distraction) during troubling times.

Rising music star Andryy is already using this feature

The inimitable Andryy, winner of Swisscom’s “Sing It Your Way” 2021, was the first Onescreener creator to offer this new feature on his Promo Page. 

He shared with Onescreener: “My fans have meant the world to me during this last year. They’ve shown their support by participating in my online streaming events and also buying merch from me directly. With the new Donate Button from Onescreener, I now have a simple solution for my fans to make donations for exclusive content.”

Creators, we’ve got your back!

Creators often find it awkward to ask their fans for donations. But unprecedented times call for new, innovative approaches. Our mission is to help you fight back with new ways to monetize content consumption.

Setting up the donation button will mean that you're willing to accept support from your fans the same way you've helped them with your talent! Go for it!

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