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Artist-Centric Platforms Join Forces

Ryan MacGrath
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A partnership is meant to bring people together, and to make those people’s lives better than they were before the partnership. Having common goals, common struggles and common successes are all a part of joining forces with someone else. Ideally, if all goes well, the partnership makes the two forces even stronger, like Batman and Robin for instance. And although we’re not superheroes, we also believe in the power of two heads are better than one. Or in this case, two platforms are better than one!

Onescreener and Octiive are now basking in matrimonial bliss. The two companies have decided that they’re ready for some serious teamwork, and the results are shaping up to be fantastic. 

Octiive is one of the leading digital distribution platforms for musical recordings with access to over 600 stores including the majors like Apple, Amazon, and YouTube Music (Google Play). It also has unmatched access to China’s massive market via its ties with Tencent. The platform offers the best rates for singles and albums without sneaky add-ons, and special yearly subscription packages at the label level.

Onescreener is the quickest, most affordable website builder for artists. An artist or indie label can use the Swiss-designed tool to seamlessly build a site, with their own domain name, that will incorporate all of their information, music, graphics, and booking requests. They can even integrate remote live shows via Twitch and other platforms. The easy drag-and-drop page builder can be accessed on a phone or desktop, and allows users to create a professional, responsive Onescreener website or social media landing page in 10 minutes without writing a single line of code. 

Together they aim to make artists’ work accessible to audiences in the quickest, most productive way possible. An artist with a cleverly designed and easily manageable Onescreener site AND digital distribution through Octiive will have an advantage over their peers who are struggling to be seen and heard. Where Octiive serves to spread an artist’s recordings to the far reaches of the stratosphere, Onescreener reels in the artist’s content and acts as a homebase for their followers. The two platforms work like a pair of lungs, inhaling and exhaling, breathing life into the burgeoning careers of independent artists. 

Goodbye Obstacles!

It can be quite a challenge these days for artists to get noticed in a vast and saturated market. However, given the right tools at the right time, they can increase their prospects of gaining new, loyal followers and finding ways to monetize their work. The partnership between Onescreener and Octiive comes at a time when it’s more important than ever for artists to be in control of their work, and to find new ways of being recognized for it. Luckily, the teams behind these wedded platforms believe in helping artists. And now, complete with their tights and capes and masks, they can help fight off those obstacles that block them. 


“Yes, Onescreener?”

“Let’s make artists’ lives better!”


And they fly off into the night...

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