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SECRET: How to get more views in your Stories

Camila Yael Santos
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We all have social media because, in a way, we want to be seen. Many of us also use social media for our business. Some people show their lives, and others share their products or services. But there’s a main objective: get the most viewers that we can.

When Insta Stories arrived, we knew it was game-changing. Sure, you know how to use almost every tool for your Stories, like stickers, polls, etc., but do you know how to take them to the next level and increase your views?

We have a secret that we want to share with you because you’re part of our community of content creators, and we want you to rock your Onescreener.

If you already use your Onescreener page as your link in bio, you’re off to a great start.

Now, how can you make more people see what you upload on your Stories in less than 24 hours?

First: tell a story! Don’t upload random items or shares. Say “hi”, interact with your audience, make it a little mysterious and give them something: information, entertainment, fun, a benefit, advice, an inspirational quote - something that makes sense for you. Share that story in your Stories, step by step without rushing. Create a good moment for them!

Second: location. Ask yourself where most of your audience is, and put that location on your Stories. Yes, each of them!

The algorithm tracks the location and shows the content to all the people who search that place. Also, it may appear as a recommendation to people who live there.

Extra tip: HIDE the location sticker. Yes! You read it right. You can hide it by making it super tiny until it disappears out of the picture (to your left or right).

If that doesn’t work, make it the smallest you can and then hide it behind a ‘poll’, for example, or something that you want to have in the forefront. 

It will still be tracked, but nobody will see it, and it won’t take up unnecessary space (unless you prefer to show people where your post is taking place, that is).

Don't forget to follow our extra tip!

Third: Get your audience to participate. Never leave a poll with just YES / NO. Instead, ask something more interesting and add emojis to make it more fun.

The most important thing? When you create your Story, think about the space the stickers are going to take up. You don’t want an overly cluttered Story or poll that doesn’t work because it’s too low or too little. It should be clear, fun and clean.

Be creative with your answers!

Fourth: Sharing is important! Make sure to tag every member of the project/enterprise (your personal account as well!) so they can share this content on their own Stories, and get more views. People get really curious about tagged posts, and they’re likely to go to your page to see what’s happening. Try to create some mystery and lead them there!

Extra tip: Like with the location, you can hide the tags in the same way. Make sure to tag people correctly by checking to see if the words are sublined.

See how hide the tags!

Fifth: hashtags! We know we have the sticker for adding one hashtag, but do you know that you can add up to 10 of them? This works great for tracking more people and filtering posts by themes and interests (like hashtags normally function).

First, use the main sticker hashtag. The new thing is that you can write, just as if you were writing text on a Story, up to 10 #Hashtags (they’re working if they are sublined, just like the tags).

How do you know which hashtags are the best for your account? Go to the search icon on Insta and try looking for words that relate to you. You’ll see which ones have the most viewings and interactions, and you can make a list of the best 10. Be sure to write them every time, for every story (you can’t copy and paste them, they need to be sublined, remember!).

Don't forget to hide the hashtags!

harder. But remember that with Onescreener it all gets easier! You can create your own promo page to share all your content in only one link, and even add shop links to sell whatever you like. 

Now that you have our secrets, rock those Insta Stories!

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