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Fighting Fyre with Fire — The Real Way to Manage Artist Bookings

Tobias Horka
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Booking shows is hard, to put it frankly. Any artist, DJ, live performer or agent knows that the process can be a long and tedious one full of obstacles. There’s the selling-yourself part (or the selling-the-artist part, if you’re an agent), the hunting-for-suitable-venues-in-the-right-locations part, the messaging-back-and-forth part, the landing-the-right-date part, the negotiating-of-fees part, the travel-and-accomodations part, the tech-and-hospitality-riders part, the getting-paid part, the marketing-and-promotion-and-selling-tickets part and then, most importantly, the performing part. Oh, and then following up is a good idea. And that’s all just for one show. What about a 40-date tour? Yup. If you’ve seen the Netflix documentary “Fyre” (if you haven’t, watch it…in disbelief), then you know just how many obstacles can get in the way when booking. Let’s avoid all of that.

Our artist management tool lives up to its promises and continues to evolve.

Less office, more music

Simplification is an evolution. What started out as a multifaceted administration tool has become a complete digital ecosystem that serves to connect artists and their supporters. By automating the lion’s share of administrative tasks associated with the booking process, Optune has developed a smart way for artists to get their heads out of the books and back onto the stage. A sexy interactive calendar, a venue database, website and socials integration, new invoice and contract creators, a contact book and an Artist Profile which includes tech and hospitality riders are just some of the features that empower Optune-connected artists. And the cherry on top? Artists get to use Optune for free and there is no commission taken on gigs booked through it.


Whether you’re a solo artist/ DJ, part of a band, or part of a booking agency, the key factor in this line of work is collaboration. It’s the lifeblood of putting together any type of event, especially a live performance. We’ve spent years developing Optune as a platform that streamlines the collaborative process between stakeholders. Artists can easily stay in touch with their bandmates and agents in real time and receive automatic updates when changes are made to calendars or booking details. The application is also optimized for mobile use, so everyone involved can access its benefits while on-the-go. Our objective all along has been to make the lives of artists and their teams easier. If the artists are happy, they create and perform better. If the agents are happy, they book better. Then the promoters, venues and fans are happier. Everyone working together at the same time towards a common goal: putting on a great show. It’s simple.

The ecosystem of OpTuNe

Get noticed and get booked

Simplifying the lines of communication even further, Optune is implementing the world’s first Artist Search Engine for booking agents that also includes a comprehensive business-management tool. Now bookers will be able to instantly access a database of Artist Profiles including their locations and availability — it’s basically like for live performers! In the meantime, artists on Optune are more visible to booking agents via their Artist Profiles and a handy Booking Request form. Our goal is to help artists connect with the right bookers and vice versa, and to ultimately help them land more bookings with more ease.

Find it. Book it. Promote it!

Yet another tool that we’ve created to facilitate bookings is Onescreener. A new version of Onescreener, where artists, DJ’s and live performers can design their own stylish websites with just a few clicks, is ready for launching. The Upcoming Gigs widget from Optune can be directly embedded into the new Onescreener site, as well as featured photos, videos and social media links. Where Optune helps an artist acquire and manage their gigs, Onescreener helps them to shout about those gigs from the rooftop. The two platforms work seamlessly to facilitate all aspects of the booking process from filling the calendar to promoting the dates. And again, everything is kept as simple as possible to maximize output and minimize toil.

Studio session

In a nutshell, Optune (coupled with its sister app Onescreener) is an artist’s best friend. A friend is there to keep you company, to listen, to understand, to make life a bit easier in the tough times, and to celebrate with you during the good times. The team at Optune is constantly working on behalf of artists to keep the lines of communication open so that meaningful and sustaining work can flow through. Our work is artist-driven to drive artists.

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