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The Best 10 Influencer Agencies In The U.S.A.

Sara-Lisa Gujral
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Influencer marketing is gaining more adherence and investment than ever before! Most marketers are increasing their marketing budgets this year. With over 1B users, Instagram has quickly become the most important and widely used social platform for sponsored posts. In the United States alone, there are over 500k influencers just on Instagram. If you have been considering getting into influencer marketing, then now is the right moment to dive in, start networking and exploring the market. To further motivate you, we will share some of the best Influencer Agencies based in the USA, of which many also have a global outreach.


Amp Agency

Based in Boston, Amp Agency focuses on developing authentic and long-term relationships with their recruited influencers. They use a tiered influencer approach, combining micro,mid and macro-influencers to better maximize each campaign and reach and engage a broader range of consumers. 

Bastion Elevate

Bastian Elevate provides a full spectrum of services, including social media and influencer marketing. They are selective, working only with influencers with an effective follower base. They have worked with brands like GUESS, Boston University, AZIO, and many more, and won multiple national awards. To know more about what Bastion Elevate can do for you, visit their website following the link below.

Go Fish Digital

This agency strives to make collaborations a remarkable experience, for influencer as well as the brands they represent. Go Fish Digital works with large brands to small and medium-sized businesses, having a very diversified clientele. Their campaigns are data-driven, to provide adaptive and effective strategies, adequate to each brand and influencer. 

Heron Agency

Based in Chicago, Heron Agency is an award-winning, lifestyle communications agency, with national and international campaigns. They are known for their innovation, attention to detail and great knowledge of the market. If you are searching for a reliable and leading-edge agency, then read further on their website.


IZEA is another California based agency solely focused on Influencer Marketing. Their progressive growth has boosted over the past year with more than 15B TikTok campaign views since COVID-19.They have an enterprise influencer marketing platform, which allows you to create your free profile and develop partnerships with brands of diverse industries, such as food, beauty, and lifestyle. 


Power has offices throughout California and New York working with some of the top influencers of the country. Their passion is all about empowering their clients to dominate their space, expanding their potential and becoming pioneers. They potentialize a trust worthy and creative exchange between influencers and brands. 

Talent Resources

With headquarters in New York, and further offices spread throughout Boston, Chicago, Miami, London and Dubai, Talent Resources is one of the most trusted Influencer Marketing Agencies out there. They have developed a vast network of influencers and creators around the world, including some of the biggest celebrities. Check out their website and sign up to partner with fresh brands.


The Influencer Marketing Factory

Ranked as one of the top national and global Influencer Marketing Agencies by Forbes, Glassdoor, Expertise and more, this agency has had amazing campaigns with companies such as Google, Amazon, Snap Chat and Sony Music. They focus on identifying and matching the right influencer to the right brand, to harmonize values and ideals. 

The Shelf

The Shelf has developed its own SAAS platform where influencers can sigh-up to join, and businesses can use it to manage their campaigns. The platform has over 150k influencers in the areas of fashion, beauty, travel, food, fitness, nutrition, decor, and other lifestyle verticals. Each influencer is supplied with a Campaign Dashboard to stay on top of what needs to be done, such as scheduling, tracking codes, contracts, post-approval, payment details, shipment status, and more. 

Zorka Agency

With a platform of over 500k influencers working in 12 different languages, Zorka aims to create native and entertaining content. They stimulate organic emotional brand connections with influencers worldwide, to foment successful results.

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