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#1 Linktree Alternative for Influencers and Content Creators

Maria Merceditas Rojo
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Onescreener was created by a group of artists, musicians and developers to give content creators easy and accessible tools with which to design Promo Pages for their online marketing and self-promotion. 

Whether it is your personal brand that you want to promote, your product or business, Onescreener enables anyone to design a good looking landing page that helps you convert, get better found on Google Search and increase your click-through rate.

There has never been a more important time to stand out in the digital world than now. Onescreener can perfectly work as your Digital Business Card, a place where you can share all of your latest activities, content and social media accounts in one link in a dynamic, strategic and targeted way.

What’s Onescreener? 

Onescreener is the front door to your digital life. The platform lets anyone, regardless of their knowledge of web design, create a great-looking Promo Page that connects their audience to ALL of their digital content on one link.

Unlike Linktree and similar tools, Onescreener is more than just another platform to share links. It lets you share all types of content and different social media accounts with a stylish touch, and gives you great options for customizing your Promo Page to align with your brand’s look and feel. 

The main attributes that Onescreener offers to creators are the design options, the opportunity to choose your own personal domain, the chance to add a favicon to keep your brand identity and the amazing variety of integrations you can have on your page! Let’s walk through them...

Design Options

From the Free Plan to the Premium, all users can customize their Onescreener pages to look fabulous. 

  • Background: not only you can choose a background image, but also position it where you want it to be.
  • Icons: style your icons with the colors that fit the best with your background; choose the color of the icon, the background and the mouseover colors to bring your icons to life. 
  • Teaser Links: whether you want them to be transparent or colorful, Onescreener gives you the option to edit and style the Teaser Links the way you want in order to achieve the best looking page.
  • Name: you can add your name on your Onescreener Page and choose from a variety of cool fonts and colors.
  • Logo: for Pro subscribers, you can upload your brand logo and position it where you like. 

Choose your own domain

When you upgrade your plan to Premium, you can choose your own domain name, and say goodbye to the Onescreener branding. And did I mention yet that the price of the domain is included in the Premium Plan subscription? That’s right! You don’t have to pay extra! Your link-in-bio will feature your name or the name of your brand, whatever you want it to be.

Add a personal Favicon

With this feature available on the Premium Plan, your site will be more noticeable on browser tabs! This is great for two reasons: firstly, it makes your page look more professional; secondly, you get to remove the Onescreener icon and showcase your own image.



This is a list of some of the content you can share on Onescreener:

  • Social media accounts
  • Online Shop icon
  • Booking Request Form
  • Biography and About text
  • Video Player integration (YouTube and Vimeo)
  • Livestream
  • Sound integration (Soundcloud, Spotify, Apple Music, Mixcloud)

While most conventional websites tend to be complex and steal a lot of time for editing, Onescreener makes it super easy for you! Because it’s mobile-optimized, you can also edit your page with your phone. You can update your information, change your links, add new content and style your page in seconds from anywhere!

Onescreener has been created to make the process of building and editing your page a simple one, so you can easily manage your content and how it’s displayed.

On top of that, the Search Engine Optimization gives your page and your content the best shot at being found on Google!


This is why you shouldn’t be using Linktree:

  • You have very limited customization options.
  • You cannot add a background image on the Free plan.
  • You don’t have social links available for the Free users.
  • The Linktree branding distracts from your brand.
  • You cannot choose your own domain, so you are forced to have the name “Linktree” as a link-in-bio.

This is why Onescreener makes the ideal link-in-bio and the best Promo Page for content creators:

  • Makes it easier for your audience to find the content they want to enjoy.
  • You can use the tool to cross-promote by linking your social media accounts with the Icons Feature (available on the Free Plan as well).
  • You can choose your own domain name with the Premium Plan. 
  • You can give your followers more targeted content and increase your CTR (click-through rate).
  • You can keep your brand image by uploading a background picture or wallpaper (available on the Free Plan) and by uploading your logo (Pro Plan).
  • You can connect your Google Analytics account to your Onescreener page to get a better understanding of and insight into your audience
  • Our Pro Plan is only $4 - cheaper than Linktree!

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