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DIY Marketing Tips and Tools

Tobias Horka
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So, you have the most amazing idea ever. You create a beautiful website with trendy eye-catching colours, the coolest font and sharp, custom photos to help get your idea across. You just know that this is going to be a hit, and you’re totally confident that you’ve got the whole package. Who wouldn’t want it? Well, maybe everyone will! But first they have to know that you and your idea (and the beautiful site that you’ve created to show it off) even exist. This is where marketing comes into the picture, and it can make or break you. 

Making the most out of your personal brand

There are some simple steps to consider when trying to market your product, whether that’s your music, your modelling, your cafe or your message, for example. The thread that ties these steps together is getting to know your audience. And if you’re passionate about your product, then you should have no problem figuring out who it’s for and why they should have it. The following steps only scratch the surface of marketing tactics, but they’re a great place to start:

  1. Know your niche. Be specific about what you have to offer and believe in it deeply. How is your product different from all the rest? What makes it stand out? Really think about who you would like to target. 

  1. Have a consistent aesthetic. Consider how your visuals communicate your product, and keep them all within the same realm. Your colors, fonts, photos, filters, clothes and setting should all stick with a similar look/vibe. People like familiarity, and when you present a consistent aesthetic, they feel like they’re getting to know your product and your goals and the quality of them. 

  1. Use YOUR voice. Don’t try to re-tell someone else’s story or copy someone else’s approach. Your message should be clear and you should be confident spreading the word about it. Maybe your product has a personal connection that you can work into your marketing strategies. Show the world why YOU believe in your product and why your voice should be heard. 

  1. Make consistent posts. Social media is your friend when you’re trying to market yourself. As time-consuming as it can be, it can really make a difference when it comes to attracting new customers. The key is to make content that has a consistent aesthetic appeal and which is posted regularly. Consider using a posting tool like Loomly or Buffer to help with scheduling. 

  1. Consider how your followers feel. You and your followers are people. Something that brings people together is conversation. Think about your connection to your product and how others may connect to it, and use your personal story to start conversations. This doesn’t mean chatting with everyone who visits your site. Rather, it means that you present products, services and content with a level of caring and gratefulness. 

The right tools for the job

Getting to know your audience can be made easier by using tools that have been designed for just that. You can equip your site -  let’s say your Onescreener page - with magical technology that keeps track of who is visiting your site, when they’re visiting and what they seem most attracted to when there. Okay, it’s less “magical” and more analytical, but you get the idea. Tools like Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel both help you to get a clear idea of how to target your marketing plans so that you know when and where to spend your hard-earned time and money. Adding these features to your site, and examining the data they bring in (which is a much less scientific process than it sounds) can really make your marketing efforts pay off. 

All in all, stay true to yourself, your voice and your product above everything else. Having this conviction will lead you to creating a great presentation of your product (ie, on your website) and more of a connection with your audience. The tools are out there to help you along the way, so take advantage of them! And remember, “Marketing is really just about sharing your passion”. - Michael Hyatt, NY Times Best Selling Author

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