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7 Outstanding Influencer Agencies in Spain

Sara-Lisa Gujral
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So far, we have had the opportunity to explore some of the most distinguished and successful Marketing Influencer Agencies in Switzerland, Germany , the United Kingdom and the United States. Now we bring you our selection of the most outstanding Influencer Agencies located in Spain. About 85% of Spanish social media users follow influencers and consider their feedback before buying a product. Overall, more than 70% of Spanish consumers make more purchases promoted by social media. It is clear Influencer Marketing is growing and thriving as a more pursued and reliable reference than traditional advertising. We have put together a list of 7 agencies that have set their footprint in the Spanish digital marketing world, and in some cases even across the globe, through their representation and work with influencers.


With their office located in Malaga, this agency has a vast network of influencers from diverse backgrounds such as athletes, artists, models, bloggers, and digital moms. Their strong point is clearly their extensive network, which developed beyond the Spanish borders and spread throughout the world, in countries such as Portugal, France, Italy, Germany, Morocco, the United Kingdom, the United States, Australia and China. They believe it is fundamental to value and include the knowledgeable input from their influencers, who know their audience better than anyone else.

L'agence d'influenceurs espagnols et mondiale (

Smart Brand

This Spanish Agency has offices in Barcelona, Bilbao, and Madrid. One of our favourite agencies so far that have impressed us with their professionalism and innovation and made us smile with their engaging sense of humour and creativity.

A User-Centred Tech Marketing Company (


Fluence claims to be the number 1 Agency in Corporate Digital Marketing. They are specialized in LinkedIn and focus on developing executive creative digital marketing strategies. Targeting a niche market, they are the first to work with corporate influencers, opinion leaders and content creators which aim to amplify the digital presence of companies. In 2020, they won the LinkedIn Top Voices Entrepreneur prize and have worked with companies such as BMW, Red Bull, El Corte Ingles, Santander and more. If you are looking to enter the influencer corporate world in Spain, then Fluence is without a doubt the agency for you. Find out more on their website below.

Agencia De Influencers | Madrid | Fluence Agencia de Marketing (


Based in Madrid, MOSS is a fashion talent agency, working with models, stylists, makeup artists, photographers, videographers, bloggers, and of course, influencers. They focus mostly on influencers in the fashion sector, to promote brands and new collections on social media, as well as at events. If you are looking to develop your influencer career in the Spanish fashion industry, then this agency might be a great match for you. Get to know more about MOSS by browsing their page available below.
MOSS | Agencia de talentos de moda | Agencia de modelos y actores (


Also located in the Spanish capital of Madrid, Influencialia is another expert influencer marketing agency, developing creative and memorable campaigns. They emphasize the importance of a personal and trustworthy relationship with the influencers they represent. Besides connecting you with brand campaigns, they manage all the formal procedures, such as contracts and payments and offer audio-visual support to help you with graphic editing and brainstorming ideas for the campaigns you will do. If this sounds appealing, then take the opportunity to contact them on their site.
Influencer Marketing Agency based in Spain | Influencialia

Okiko Talents

Okiko Talents has its offices in both Madrid and Malaga and takes Influencer Marketing to another level. Besides collaborating with brands and providing management and consultancy, they also do TV, Musical and Literary Integration. Additionally, they organize and host special events. They have worked with big names of the fashion industry, such as Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, Lacoste, Furla, Tommy Hilfiger and so many more.

Okiko Talents - Agencia de Influencers

Hamelin Agency

Hamelin Agency first started as a daughter agency of Sensory Communication, to manage influencer public relations. With the content creator boom in 2016, they launched themselves as a specialized agency. Now, with headquarters in Barcelona, they operate in more than 30 countries and were awarded the Gold Medal of the Spanish Association of Professionals of La Imagen.

¿Eres Influencer? - Hamelin Agency (

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