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The 5 Leading Influencer Agencies in Switzerland

Sara-Lisa Gujral
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This week we’ll check out some of the best influencer marketing agencies in Switzerland that aim to strengthen local brands. A recent study done in Luzern has shown that influencer marketing is growing exponentially, with 60% of Swiss millennials following influencers on social media. 53% of this group have already bought a product or acquired a service due to the promotion of an influencer. Most marketing managers in Switzerland also find that influencer campaigns are progressively becoming more efficient than traditional advertising formats. Therefore, if you want to become an influencer in Switzerland, or have already started but want to expand your outreach, check out these agencies that can take you to the next level.


Based in Urdorf, this full-service agency has some of the leading influencer campaigns in the Swiss market with the most extensive organic social media reach. They have done campaigns for big names such as Coca-Cola, McDonald's, Swiss Bankers, AXE, Swisscom and many more. They utilize their international network and experience to develop and promote local brands and influencers. To know more about what YXTERIX can do for you, visit their website below.


From fashion, beauty, and lifestyle to travel, art & design, food, technology, and parenting, Picstars does it all. Based in Zurich, this agency has expertise in over 1000 concepts, allowing them to create inspiring and outstanding campaigns. If you are looking for an out "of the box" mentality to represent you, then this is the agency for you!


Kingfluencers is a well-established agency from Zurich working primarily within the DACH region markets. To join, you need to have a public profile with at least 2500 organically reached followers, a clear style and niche, and post regularly and consistently. If your target audience is in Switzerland, Germany, or Austria, we recommend this agency. It is also completely free, so make sure you meet all their criteria and apply on their website.

Modelagentur Zürich

As the name indicates, this is a modelling agency based in Zurich that also does influencer marketing. They mostly work with local influencers to collaborate on local campaigns. However, they also support micro-influencers from Bern, Geneva, Basel, and other cities in different parts of the country. If you are in the surrounding area and seek to build your network with new businesses and brands by creating excellent content for your community, then this agency might be the perfect match!


Collabment is a progressive agency that focuses on establishing a professional, transparent, and authentic relationship with you, the influencer. Additionally, you can make yourself visible through their brand ambassador program, and represent some of the biggest brands by showcasing their products and appearing at their live events. Another service they have to offer to help you grow as an influencer is their engagement groups. Here you have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other big influencers to boost your performance. Sounds exciting, right? Click the link below to know more.

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