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Switzerland Top Influencers to Follow in 2021

Maria Merceditas Rojo
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There is no doubt that Switzerland is the perfect place to be an influencer and content creator. Breathtaking landscapes, world-class cities, exquisite architecture and great fashion make cities like Zurich, Ticino and Geneva ideal for photo-shooting.

If you're looking for inspiration, and you are getting started in the influencer world in Switzerland, these are the 'must follow' Insta accounts. Learn about them, how they communicate, what trends are out there, and how they create their Reels. This doesn’t mean you have to copy them - always try to find your own voice - but studying other successful accounts can teach you a lot about how to develop your own!

Whether you're into fashion and beauty or decor and travel, I promise you will love following these creators on your Instagram!

Olivia Faeh

Swiss-based content creator, founder of Faeh Agency, blogger and dog mum, Olivia constantly delights her community with streetwear, amazing locations and her fresh and authentic personality.

Olivia is one of the most natural, no-filter influencers on Instagram. In her Insta stories, she loves sharing her everyday life with Mona, her dog, the latest beauty and health trends, decor inspiration, beauty tricks and so much more. She is also known for her modern and sustainable approach in fashion, supporting circular fashion by selling pieces from her wardrobe that she doesn’t wear anymore, giving them a second chance with the Vestiaire app.


Michele from The Faction Fraction

Graphic designer, founder of Leonessa Lingerie, blogger and influencer, Michele is one of the most well-known and read fashion bloggers in Switzerland. Her colorful Insta feed and creative photos make her profile an amazing account for getting inspired.

In terms of content, you will find a lot of art pieces that she loves doing herself such as paintings and ceramic vases, as well as her love of high fashion brands, her fave workout routines, her everyday life as a designer and great teasers from her brand Leonessa.


Sandra Rodrigues Pinto

She is Sandra Rodrigues Pinto; the name of her account “entredois” means "between two", and this is because she lives between Switzerland and Spain. This Swiss-Portuguese goddess is the founder of lamarel, a minimalistic and exquisite fashion brand that has captured all our hearts by designing great basics.

Sandra has the spirit of an artist and the eye of a designer. In her Instagram you are going to find amazing highlights of her favourite city, Paris, inspiring decor photos, skincare tips, and stylish looks with a '70s twist.


Svenja Elena Steness

This fashion designer and queen of beauty shares the best reviews for skin care routines, perfumes and makeup all together with stunning product pictures.

If you're a beauty influencer she is a 'must follow.' Check out how she places the products and how she takes pictures with them in such an elegant way.



Aida Nemati Forghani is a Persian-Swiss content creator. Where do I start? I love her! Her Insta feed is a work of art in itself not only because she is beautiful, but also because of how she captures moments, products and places with her phone.

If you're searching for tidy feed ideas and editing inspiration, follow her.


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