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This Is Why You Need A Onescreener Page EVEN If You Have A Website

Ryan MacGrath
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A question we get asked a lot here at Onescreener headquarters is “Why do I need a Onescreener page if I already have a website?”. And our answer is, naturally, you can have both! 

In this blog I’ll discuss five key reasons why it’s beneficial to your personal brand and business to use a Onescreener page along with your existing website. 

1. The Front Door

Onescreener is your digital business card. It lets you show your fans and followers what you have to offer in an immediate, direct way without bombarding them with too much information too soon. If you think of your website and it’s content as a store, then a Onescreener page is the front door, the entrance to that store. It welcomes visitors before they enter, and gives them a taste of all of the products and services that you have waiting for them inside. 

This is also why a Onescreenger page makes the ideal link-in-bio for Instagram. People will click on your Onescreener link (with a personal domain name!) and essentially see a menu of the content with which you want them to interact. From there, they can explore in more detail your website(s), media, promos and all relevant content. 

2. Easy Updating

As most conventional websites tend to be built using complex platforms, this makes it tricky to update them on a regular basis. Onescreener has been created to make the process of building and editing your page a simple one, so you can easily manage your content and how it’s displayed. Because it’s mobile-optimized, you can update your page from your phone while on the go. Change your links, style and media in seconds from anywhere!

3. Brand Consistency

Your Onescreener page is fully customizable. You can adapt the way it looks from background images, colours, and logos to composition and icons so that it reflects the visual and contextual stories that you’re telling on your website and social media platforms. It becomes part of your brand and works alongside your various digital tools to enhance the user experience. 

4. A Hub for Diverse Content

Many people these days are multi-tasking; they’re working in a variety of disciplines and using their talents to thrive in a gig economy. People may be musicians and visual artists, influencers and bakers, or fashionistas and content creators simultaneously, and they work to grow these interests in tandem. This is why it’s common for some to have two or more websites that focus on their different brands, products and content. A Onescreener page is the hub that brings together those variations, and gives you a place to show your community that you have several things up your sleeve. It neatly lets you display links to each of your websites and platforms, driving followers to your business(es). 

5. Features That Work For You

Teaser Links is a list of unlimited links that can be added to your Onescreener page, again enforcing the fact that it makes the ultimate link-in-bio!

Teaser Images is a feature that lets you add a linked image to your page to direct visitors to time-sensitive content like promos, giveaways, highlights or breaking news.

Search Engine Optimization gives your page and content the best shot at being found on Google!

Popular link icons, from social media and websites to contact info and text blocks, clearly direct your followers to external content. 

Even though you may be totally happy with how your website is looking and performing for you, most chances are that it can be complicated to update and therefore isn’t the best option for your link-in-bio. A Onescreener page is meant to be updated on the go and kept fresh with your latest exciting content. It will work together with your various sites to help drive traffic to your business and show your visitors that you’re on top of what you’re creating and sharing. 

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