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New on your Onescreener: E-commerce feature

Maria Merceditas Rojo
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The 2020 pandemic accelerated the growth of social commerce, turning it into a hot trend this year.

After increasing 25.2% in 2020, the number of social commerce buyers will grow another 12.9% in 2021. Consumers are more comfortable with online shopping and brand, retailer, and influencer interactions, and will purchase via social channels more frequently this year.

With the E-commerce feature, you can sell any product and/or service in just a few steps from your Onescreener. Easy, fast and simple, this feature will help creators grow their businesses and sell their products using their mobile phones!

What is Social Commerce

Social commerce is the practice of building online relationships and selling directly through social media. Social commerce becomes a new channel for finding new products and inspiration. Platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and Pinterest have invested in technology to engage users and boost sales within customers' natural virtual habitats.

What can you do with Onescreener E-commerce

The E-commerce feature was designed to give creators new revenue opportunities. E-commerce made simple so you can earn money!

Whether you have a physical product to sell or a digital one, a new piece in stock or some used clothes, bikes, or books, the E-commerce feature lets you simply design your online shop without needing the help of a developer or designer.

Firstly, all you have to do - and this is very important - is complete the on-boarding. This may take a few minutes, but it's something you only have to do once. And then you can enjoy your sales!

Steps for setting up the E-commerce

  1. Create an account on Stripe

 Stripe is the payment processing platform that Onescreener uses for the E-commerce feature. Stripe safely processes the transactions; it enables you to accept payments and send payouts to your bank account.

  1. Set the Shop Link

The Shop link will appear on your Onescreener with a thumbnail image. Your customer can directly click on the link, check out the description and details of your products, and make a purchase with a few clicks.

  1. Set up the Payout

The Payout is the action of sending the money from your Stripe account to your bank account.

Social commerce is driving a huge portion of market revenue these days. Will you jump on this trend? Turn your Onescreener into a money-maker! 

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