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E-commerce Step 2 - Setting the Shop link

August 19, 2021
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In order to set up your E-commerce there are three crucial steps that must be completed for this feature to work correctly:

1. Creating an account on Stripe 

2. Setting the Shop Link

3. Setting the payout

2. Setting the Shop link

For this, go to "+ Content", and click on "Content" again.

Click on "+ Add link". A sign will pop up to select your link type. You will be able to choose between a normal Teaser link or a Shop link. In this case, choose the Shop link.

First step is to enter a title. This field is required, and will be the text that will be displayed on the link.

Note: We recommend you enter the name of the product/service you are selling and the most important detail. For example, if you are selling a pair of sneakers, specify the brand and size.

Then, click on the square to upload an image. This image will represent your product so it should be the most real version of it.

Note: Supported formats are jpg, jpeg, png.

Afterwards, set the price of the piece you are selling.

Note: Select the currency and edit it during your onboarding on Stripe.

Now, enter a description. Please note that this field is required. We recommend you be as detailed as possible, giving your customers the most important information they need to make the buying decision.

Select your product type. Is it digital or physical?

When Digital is selected, new fields will appear on your screen:

- Download link: This field is required and is here for you to paste the link to your digital product.

- Download button label: Here you can edit the name of this link. It’s a great opportunity to add a call to action. For example: “Download the album here”.

When Physical is selected, these are the fields that will appear:

- Set a maximum quantity for the product. This is the stock that you have available. It can be from 0 to infinite.

- Leave a note. This field is not required, but is for you to have a space to ask for important information you may want. For example: “Please provide sizing information”.

And last but not least, you can also leave a Thank You message.

Note: Try to be original and faithful to your brand. Check how other brands do it to get a few ideas.

Now your Shop link is set up. It won’t be active until you complete the onboarding process.