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Optimize Your Link in Bio with Onescreener

Ryan MacGrath
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If you have an Instagram account, you’re well aware that they allow you to add only one active link in your bio. That means, if you’ve got several pages or items that you would like people to check out, you’re very limited in terms of how you can direct them to this content. Why is it this way? Well, Instagram prefers that you spend as much time as possible on their platform rather than straying from it, and providing the option of just a single link helps them to keep you there. Plain and simple: they’re greedy! Nah, it’s just business. 

When using your Onescreener URL as your link in bio, it’s super important to optimize it first. Here are four key things to consider when doing that: Audience, Engagement, Visibility and Action. And they’re not much more than common sense.


First you need to decide what you want to share or promote with your link. Is it a promo code for 30% off a service you offer? Is it a free download? A new album or video? Or a piece of content with a great message that you want to share? Once you’ve locked that down, you then need to consider WHO you want to share this with. Is it your current followers? People who you want to be your followers? Or maybe the general Instagram public? Being decisive about the “what” and “who” in this case will really help you to target a specific audience and gain more traction with your posts and link. 


It’s great that you have something that you want to promote, but are you using the right tactics to even get people to care? Have people been clicking on your link, or is it there gathering digital dust? 

It may seem obvious, but first you need to tell your followers that there is a great opportunity awaiting them in your link. Make sure that you direct people in your posts, Instagram Stories and Reels to GO to your bio and click on that URL. For people to really respond, it helps to give something away. Offer them a promo code or free download of your song, e-book or blog. People love a good deal, and it catches their attention. It’s also nice on your part that if you’re asking them to do something for you, that you give them something in return. When they actually go to your profile, it’s also very handy to restate what you’re offering in the line above your link. Use some arrow emojis pointing down at the link and say something like, “FREE promo code in link below!”. Giving people clear directions to go to your link, and giving something away for their engagement can lead to you seeing a lot more action on your incentives and happier, greater numbers of followers.



If you’re offering your followers a promo code when they click on your link in bio, then that code should be the first thing they see when they go there. If you haven’t optimized your Onescreener to make your code (or targeted content) clearly accessible, then you’re running the risk that they will get distracted by the other links, icons or content on your page, and they may forget why they even clicked on your link in the first place. 

One great way to ensure the visibility of your promotional content is to create a Teaser Image. This is simply an image, photo or icon that you download to your Onescreener and add a link to. You can adjust its size and placement in order to make it stand out as much as you like. For example, if you’re giving away a free download of your new song, then this image might say “Click here for your FREE download!” or simply “download”, and it will take people directly to that action. 

You might also want to adjust the sizes and placements of your logo and icons, or even change your background image to make your promotional content as visible as possible while maintaining your Onescreener’s aesthetic. Speaking of which, here’s a link to my last blog post titled “Design your Link in Bio with Onescreener”, where I give you several tips on how to make your Onescreener look its best. 

The key is really to get your followers to take the action that you proposed to them on Instagram. Make it easy for them and keep it looking great!


Now that you’ve targeted your audience, engaged with them and asked them to go to your link in bio, and made your promotional content visible, it’s time to optimize their click. A great way to keep your followers interested in your marketing and your content is to get their email addresses into your database. This way, you can contact them more directly when you have something new to share with them or give away. Onescreener gives your followers the option to provide their email addresses in order to stay on top of your latest content, and this is something that you should keep in mind when you’re directing them to your site. It’s an important factor in building interest, trust and a sense of community between you and your people. 

Moving forward with these points in mind, you should be able to optimize your link in bio so that it works for you more than you work for it. With Onescreener’s tools and your creative content, your Instagram link can become a real destination for your followers, allowing them to access your new and exciting offers with just one click at just one link! 

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