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Professional Musician Innovates During Covid - Onescreener Interviews Christina Martin

Ryan MacGrath
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At this point in the game, most of us are quite aware that this past year has been particularly trying for musicians and live performers. They’re normally out touring, showing their fans their latest and greatest hits, and making money in the process - money that keeps them fed, keeps them dry and keeps them creating the music and art that we love. 

Covid has challenged pretty much every aspect of what it has meant to be a performing artist. But creative people find creative ways of dealing with adversity, and Christina Martin is one of those. After having had to cancel major tours around the world, she has found new ways of connecting with her audience, and has combined innovative tools, online savviness, and good old fashioned positive thinking to traverse this difficult time.  

Throughout this interview, we ask Christina questions like (among others):

  1. How have your online marketing efforts changed over the last year?

  1. How have you maintained your audience’s engagement with your work and music?

  1. Which online tools and platforms have made a positive impact on your work during the onset of this pandemic?

  1. What do you think the future looks like for your music career if Covid restrictions continue to inhibit touring?

Streaming and Marketing

She gives us insight into how important it has been for her to quickly adapt to performing from her home using streaming services, production equipment for video and audio, and online tools for marketing these productions. Additionally, Christina talks about how Patreon has been a game changer, allowing her to continue to focus on creating despite the massive changes to her usual pattern of working. 


Above all, she explains how keeping a positive attitude, knowing how to ask for help, and remaining connected to her audience and collaborators are the most essential steps for her to take while on this bumpy pandemic road. 

Many thanks to Christina for sharing her thoughts and expertise with the Onescreener community. 

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