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Meals and Music — DJ lunch with Lady Mata Hari from Glitzerhaus

Nadia Naas
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One of our first invites to test the new Optune platform was the gorgeous, unicorn-loving and talented Lady Mata Hari. I was told she has the absolute pitch. Not unusual if you come from a family with an artistic background. If you DJ with her and spin with mp3 files instead of WAV!!, you can be sure to get that mean, dirty look from her — hahaha!

The day we invited her was a hot hot summer day. A cold Gazpacho soup with fresh basil and peppermint on top seemed like the perfect meal — spicey with that extra plopp — just like Lady Mata Hari! And as if she had smelled it, she show up in her sparkling green jumpsuit, overwhelmed us with her energy and had a big grin on her face.

So who’s LADY MATA HARI? Call her a passionate DJ, music producer, trend setter and mind traveler. In her fabulous life she’s the creative head behind the DJ duo GLITZERHAUS. Besides her incredibly delicious cooking skills, she’s a caring and entertaining host. As an addicted fashionista, she never leaves the house without a theme oriented, sexy or crazy outfit and a perfect hairstyle — be it a Debbie Harry blond, a flamy flamenco pink or a cool blue and outfits that just make go OOOOH. Actually you never know what to expect when you see her the next time. Surely due to her interior designer and decorator background.

Lady Mata Hari the chamelion

What does she do as a living? She teaches master classes at the School of Sound and works at Bisang Consulting as a gofer.

Her favourite dish: Ghackts with Hörnli (typical swiss dish). Do not try to pronounce it if you’re not swiss ;-) .

Her advise: Never dance on a wet bar with high heels… you end up falling on a cute, innocent barkeeper with a backward salto! And no. She does not have video of that. Hmmmmm what a shame!

Her long kept secret: Eat like a sports man bevor your gigs: pasta and tomato sauce without unions and garlic (huh? then it’s not a sauce, just tomatoes or some sort of ketchup) — otherwise you end up burping behind the decks.

Her style in the 80ies/90ies:

I love it! It has that Debbie Harry spirit

The End…

Thanks Lady Mata Hari for that inspiring day and for the inputs and feedback on!

Next post will be about a DJ (I’m not writing DJane, cause female or male — a Disk Jockey is alway a DJ) moved to NY City to fulfill one of her biggest dreams. Until then keep connected and EAT, SLEEP, LOVE and never stop dancing to good music.


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