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Optune, the intelligent tool for touring DJs in 5 Steps

Tobias Horka
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Optune, our state-of-the-art booking platform, is an allround tool that helps you to both manage and advertise your gigs. Whether it’s sharing your latest gigs on Facebook or your website to simply keeping up with your dates and using our dashboard: Optune serves as the missing link between you and your audience, simplifying all the administration surrounding your bookings.

I’d like to describe the 5 ways in which Optune will help you to manage and advertise gigs successfully. Optune has a large range of tools on offer with updates coming weekly, so keep in mind that the following is just a few of many features to be contained within the whole package.

1. Manage bookings with our dashboard

It’s one thing to receive those bookings, but once you start playing regularly, you’re going to have problems organizing everything from travel dates to payment and promotion. You think it’ll be easy to stay on top of everything — believe me, it isn’t. Optune comes with a full compass of tools to keep you on track: once your upcoming gigs have been registered on Optune, they automatically sync with any calendar app such as Google Calendar or iCal. With additional features such as the possibility to make personal notes for every booking and complete tallies of your income, our dashboard remembers the things you might forget.

2. Automatically embed your bookings

Let me guess: you want to keep your followers up to date, but it’s tricky to have to constantly post or update with any upcoming gigs and you don’t want to seem like a pain in the ass? We’ve got you covered. Once you embed the Optune widget on your website or your onescreener page and installed our facebook tab, your public calendar will always update with your upcoming gigs. This basically means that you won’t have to separately update every single platform or website with your latest gigs, making sure none of your fans miss out on a show in their city. As an added bonus, our calendar is pure eye candy.

3. Easy to Use

Besides your music, the only thing we really care about is simplicity. What would be the point of a platform that asks you to spend more time on something than you already did? Simplicity is the straight line that navigates anything we do: We thought the management of bookings was too complicated, so we simplified it. But at the end of the day, these simplifications wouldn’t be any good if they were really hard to use. Optune is dead easy to navigate, putting all the necessary tools in a clean, simple and sexy space, making sure you have much more time for your music. And of course, Optune is mobile-optimised so you can easily manage bookings from the palm of your hand.

The team behind OpTuNe

4. It’s Free To Use

That’s right. Optune is free to use.

5. Coming Up

Over the next year, we will implement a platform for promoters and bookers on Optune, making our service the go-to place to negotiate and complete bookings. Much like the way Spotify or Soundcloud recommend similar artists to their listeners, we are developing a smart engine called I.I. (Intelligent Indexing) in order to recommend you to bookers if we think they’ll like you. This can work in different ways — let’s say a promoter has already booked a well-known tech house DJ, but is still looking for a local DJ with a similar sound to open the night. When the engine sees that you’re in the same city as the promoter, and you play in a similar scene, it will automatically recommend you to anyone who might be interested. Our upcoming releases will facilitate everything from the negotiation to the safe payment of bookings between DJs and promoters. Seriously — imagine a world in which bookings are simple. Optune is working on it.

There you have it. Optune has so much more to offer — I could carry on forever. The platform promises to make the lives of DJs so much easier that the sooner you get on board, the sooner you’ll get those gigs under your belt: make sure to sign up for the Optune. The platform is still in its infancy with new features being added weekly, and we’d love to hear your comments: get in touch with us via For more information on Optune, read our other articles on the problems of the booking industry and how Optune plans to change it.

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