Onescreener FAQ

Creating your Onescreener

December 3, 2020
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A Onescreener is a page where all your most important content is visible at once. No scrolling, no subpages – everything on one simple screen. It makes sure that the information you want to display gets noticed.

When you've finished this set-up guide,  your Onescreener will be live and kicking. It will then take a few weeks for search engines to index your page. Once this has happened, though, your page will be search engine optimized.

And now, let’s get your Onescreener out into the world!

Step 1: Sign up

You can log in with your existing Optune account (in this case proceed to step 2 and choose a theme) or create a new account.

Create a new account by entering your name.

Then enter your details and click on Create Page.

This will also create an Optune Profile for you. What is Optune? Don’t worry, it’s free and it’s an awesome Booking Management tool!
We’ve designed all of the features to function independently, but you'll harness the full potential when you combine Optune and Onescreener.

Step 2: Edit your page

Let’s edit your page. We will work top down starting with the background and finishing with adding links to your Onescreener.
You can always save your changes and see a preview of your current design at the right of the page.

Start with a background. Upload the picture you want to have featured on the page, and set the focus point by clicking on the image.
Choose if you want to have the picture displayed in full-screen or presented like a poster.
If you go with the poster format, define a background colour.

Links: Choose a set of links for your Onescreener, and set their position by clicking on the box. You can also choose the size and appearance of the link by experimenting with form, line style and colour.
You can add up to seven links, but keep in mind, less is more!
For example, if you have a YouTube video as your main content, it makes sense to add a Soundcloud link, your most important social media link and one link to your Optune profile or Booking Request form.

It’s time to design your main content by clicking on the Content box.
To position the content, click on the first box and drag your cursor to select the parameters of it.  

Choose to add your Upcoming Gigs (from Optune), or if you have a Pro or Premium plan, then add a video player, music player, livestream or linked image.

Then, upload your logo image (Pro and Premium plans) or create a text logo. Choose its size and set a position by clicking on one of the nine boxes. Select a transparent file format (PNG) and check if it’s right using the preview.
When you're happy, click save and continue.

Colours: Experiment with different colours for the items until you are happy with the preview.

Step 3: Publish your page

Now it's time to get real! If you're happy with your design, publish your Onescreener with a starter domain, or use your own domain by opting into the premium account.

Enjoy setting up your Onescreener! And don't forget to share it far and wide.